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01 Our Services

Trash Bin Cleaning and Disinfecting Services
Tired of Dirty Bins?
One bag of trash can infect your trash bins with harmful bacteria and germs such as Salmonella, E coli, and Listeria. It only takes one touch to potentially become infected.

Fleetline Sanitizing
Residential Trash Bin Cleaning Services
Residential Services
We can help keep your property looking clean and smelling fresh. We have the right service package to keep you safe by disinfecting and freshening up those smelly, germ-filled bins.

Fleetline Sanitizing
Tash Bin Cleaning and Disinfecting
Cleaned & Disinfected
Our 360° cleaning heads get into every nook & cranny. This process removes dirt and debris by blasting water at over 200° fahrenheit while pairing it with a disinfectant to kill all festering bacteria.

Fleetline Sanitizing

02 About Us

Who We Are
Sani Cans Alabama is a local, family-owned business providing residential trash bin cleaning services to Cullman, Alabama.
Our Mission
Our goal is to provide an efficient, affordable curbside bin cleaning service, protecting you and your family from the hazards of bacterial and fungal infection commonly detected in uncleaned garbage cans.

03 Testimonials

A group of business people in Cullman saw a demo this week of how well Sani Cans cleans trash cans. Wow! What a great job. In addition, we learned about the other cleaning services offered by Brandon. I would highly recommend you use Sani Cans for your business and home outside cleaning.”
Jim McDonald
Who actually wants to clean their garbage can themselves. Call Brandon to do it for you! Leaves your can smelling fresh and clean with zero bugs. Great value!”
Tesha Brewer
Brandon came to my place to clean my trash cans, and I'm very impressed with his rig and the service that he provides. He's able to do a lot more then trash cans like driveways and houses with his rig.”
John Leonardi
Great idea! Much needed service. Highly recommend Brandon at Sani Cans”
Ashley Wilson
Very professional and I ♥️ knowing my can is clean and free of parasites and oder. Brilliant idea‼”
Shawn Bachman
Not only did they clean our trash cans they also brought all three down the driveway and put them away. We had some cardboard in our yard today after the storms, they picked up the cardboard as well and left us a nice “ thank you” note.”
Lindsay Bratton
We thought something was dead outside our house. It turned out to be one of our trash containers. I have seen the Sani Can truck in Cullman and always thought it was a neat idea. Last week we subscribed and today was our first cleaning and boy am I impressed. SUPER thorough and no more dead animal!
I have cleaned our containers in the past using a water hose. You have to dump the contents in the grass then rake it up (as much as possible) and put BACK in the container. This is SO much better. Zero waste on the ground and containers as clean as new.
I highly recommend this service. Worth every cent (and, again, no more dead animal smell!!!)”
Steve Smith
Our cans are fresh and clean. They smell so much better and are spotless! Definitely recommend!”
Nathan Haynes
Very affordable and my trash can smells like new!”
Stacey Lynn Ersin

04 Our Residential Services

H.O.A. Special Pricing – Please call (256) 793-8009

Monthly Service


$19.99 First 2 Cans
$7.99 Each Additional
1 Cleaning Per Month
Billed Quarterly (3 Cleanings)

every 3rd Month
* No. of Bins:

Quarterly Service


$24.99 First 2 Cans
$7.99 Each Additional
1 Cleaning Every 3 Months
Billed Quarterly (1 Cleaning)

every 6th Month
* No. of Bins:

One-Time Service


$29.99 First 2 Bins
$7.99 Each Additional
1 Cleaning
Billed Once

* No. of Bins:

05 Power Washing

We offer a full line of power washing services including driveways, walkways, patios, decks, and more. Call (256) 793-8009 today for a free, no-obligation quote.


06 Down to Business

How We Do It

Curbside Cleaning Visit

Your trash bin cleaning service starts with a scheduled pickup time and location. Our trucks wash your bins on the spot, so our customers don’t have to wait for a return time.

Clean & Disinfect

Cleaning your trash bin only takes 30 seconds. Our 360 cleaning heads remove dirt and debris from every nook and cranny of your trash bin. Blasting water at over 200 degrees while pairing it with a disinfectant kills all festering bacteria promoting true cleanliness.


After your trash bin is sanitized and disinfected, we deodorize each container with the scent of your choice by hand.


We will place your trash bins in your desired location, ensuring you that it is clean, disinfected and deodorized.

Questions or Callback Requests:


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